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Meet Our CEO


Hi, my name is Brittany Coronado.

I began my career in the health and human services field, where I provided direct case management to vulnerable clients for about 7 years. While providing “boots on the ground” services I started to question the effectiveness of the program and collaboration amongst providers and developed a keen interest in the system of care. In 2014, I made a shift in my role, acting as the system administrator for a shared information network. This network was used by a collective group of local resource providers addressing housing and homelessness, mental health, and social determinants of health.

With key strengths in individualization and deliberation, I see differences as strengths and enjoy thinking through problems and finding solutions. It is my goal to change our way of thinking by using data analytics and data science to help drive organizational decisions. Creating influence in organizational improvement, development of innovative processes, identifying trends to inform decision-making, and producing actionable results.

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Our Mission

We help organizations transform their data into knowledge and make effective, data-informed decisions.

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St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce

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